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Dihydrocholine citrate

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Product parameters:

CAS NO. :77-91-8

Structural formula: [HOCH2CH2N(CH3)3]+[HOOCCH2C(OH)(COO-)CH2COOH]

Molecular formula: C11H21NO8

Molecular weight: 295.29

Content (%): 98.5%-100.5%

Executive Standard: Corporate Standards

Physical properties: white powder or crystal

Product application: As a vitamin product, it is widely used in medicines, health products and food nutrition additives. Because citric acid dihydrocholine tartaric acid is easy to absorb and has low irritation, it has gradually become a substitute for choline chloride and DL-hydrocholine tartrate in the use of children and pregnant women.

Product Description: Dihydrocholine citrate is a citrate hydrogen citrate (choline content of 35%), does not have any toxic side effects on the human body, is a highly effective nutritional supplement and anti-lipid agent. It promotes the metabolism of fat and prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver.

Particles: 20 mesh

Packing: outer packaging: 25 kg cardboard drum

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, sealed and stored.

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